Wednesday, January 05, 2005

DCeptette: Burning Down My Masters House of Representatives Version

  1. Representative Tom Feeney (R-FLA) and the GOP caucus pass a rule change in the House that repealed a long-standing restriction on criticizing the Senate by name or any specific member of the Senate on the floor of the House. So look for the bad toupees to stand on end in '05 now that the House of Reps is no longer forced to refer to the Senate as "the other body", "The Benate", or "those better paid douchebags." For their part, the Senate has already retaliated with a sign outside their chamber: "Two-plus centuries of being Traficant-free." (The Hill)
  2. If you got the feeling that a solitary candle was lit in the murky darkness, that's because Barack Obama was sworn in yesterday. His duties as Senator are not expected to prevent him from opening for U2 on the North American leg of their tour. (Reliable Source)
  3. So Marion Barry's been back on the job for a couple days now, so you KNEW the issue of summer jobs for DC's youth--the one thing Marion's known for outside the crack and skank milieu--was bound to come up at some point. Well, it did yesterday, but--ooooooooohh, SNAP, bitches! It was brought up by Vincent Orange, not Barry. Vincent, you SCHMOOVE mommy-humper, you! (Post)
  4. According to DCist, the Washington Times is out of sorts because the Watkins Security firm will remain in DC school despite "an audit revealing they were incompetent and overpaid." BUT! DID YOU KNOW?: Incompetence and being overpaid are signature virtues of the candidates they champion! (Colostomy, via DCist)
  5. Members of the Mara Salvatrucha Gang (who don't write for Big Yawn, thank God), chopped off a man's three fingers outside the Multiplex on Lee Highway. But this is par for the course for filmgoers disappointed by Ocean's 12. (Post)

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