Friday, January 21, 2005

DCeptette: I've Been a Bad, Bad Girl Version

  1. I am trying to break into the 9:30 club. Duh. We bet this posting is from Jay Bennett (Craigslist)
  2. A bad omen? Amtrak uncomfortably reminds President Bush of how despite his rhetoric, he'll never ever ever really end the practice of spending tax money on programs that seem stupid (at first blush anyway). (Post)
  3. Jesus. What is UP with Governor Ehrlich's insatiable hard-on for slots? I thought that you were supposed to call a doctor after four hours! We see a great campaign slogan for Ehrlich though: "Re-Elect Ehrlich: I've Got Nothing and I'm All Out of Ideas!" (Post)
  4. Now, if one of you had told me Wednesday that Fiona Apple was going to be in town yesterday, I would have definitely taken to the streets and burned something down. (The Reliable Source)
  5. Check out the new and improved sidebar. Old, new, borrowed and long overdue links to things hither and yon. We're most excited to bring you links to fellow DCist Zoe Mitchell's sites, Tres Chicas and A Ten a Five and Five Ones, Zoe being the only other person in town who could commiserate with me about writing way too many blogs. Oy.

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