Monday, January 03, 2005

DCeptette: That's the first thing I say to you version

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    Hello, Anacostia. My name is Andrew Altman. I am Bob Saget's twin brother. I like to dress like a sommelier. In my free time, I enjoy pursing my lips, as if I'm just about to kiss a distasteful baby for political reasons. I have big plans for your "waterfront". In time, I'm sure you'll come to accept someone like me as the man who will transform your blighted urban domain. Not that you'll be living there for long, yourselves. Not if I can help it, anyway. (Post)
  2. So, Inauguration Day is coming up, and, as sure as the swallows return to Capistrano, the protestors bear down on us to complain about this "Bush" they speak of. Look. Guys. You're not happy. We're not happy. We'd imagine that a compassionate President would donate the money for his party to Indonesia. We'd also imagine that in the face of the defining human tragedy of your lives, you'd all be better off leading by example and getting together to raise funds, send food, knit socks, whatever, for the people who are really hurting. Bush is minor by comparison, and never fear, he'll get his but good this year. I've got a ball peen hammer, remember? (Post)
  3. Here's a Hint offers a copious amount of end-of-year local music analysis. Praise for Washington Social Club, worry for Full Minute of Mercury, hate for the Pink Slips, plus much more. And guess what local blogger's most likely to end up in a fistfight? Duh! And to forestall that fistfight, the DCeiver would like to tell Big Yawn, w/r/t their top album of the year: Congratulations! That's the right answer, kids! This year, maybe you'll get to wear training pants! (Here's a Hint)
  4. That day has finally come. Marion Barry triumphantly returns to government. Now, all you gamblers: care to add him to your 2005 death pool? (Post)
  5. "M" in Dupont Circle, seems a little over-eager to bring outer-burg boys Dan and Jared back to her boudoir for a demonstration of gratitude, making the DCeiver wonder: Tenacious D's song "Double Team": be it mere song? Or be it prophecy? Rock! (Craigslist)

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