Tuesday, January 04, 2005

DCeptette: That's what's happening in the parking lot version

  1. Really. This just says it all. (Wonkette)
  2. Michael Pittman is a drummer seeking a new band: "If interested at all, please email me and I'll explain as much as I can." One thing I'll say about this guy, he sure leaves a lot open for explanation. (Craigslist)
  3. Big Yawn's "50 Albums of the Year" is just filled with what I like to call "precious moments." But there's none more precious than their review of The Roots' The Tipping Point. I don't know what Flowers For Algernon-esque sentence I like more: there's the reviewers insistence that Tipping Point should have followed Things Fall Apart instead of Phrenology, which I suppose can be corrected once time-travel is perfected. I also like how the reviewer insists that "this album pushes the Roots into the elite status of hip hop greats"--ummm, they've been there since Illadelph Halflife. But, no, really, it's this totally trenchant analysis that brings tears of pride welling in my eyes: "There is a song that got heavy rotation, a reggae song, a fast song, and a slow song..." Wow. So, if you are a fan of all kinds of tempos, or simply like what the nice man plays on the radio, Big Yawn says check out The Roots. Fucking dolts. (Yawnie)
  4. Residents of Lyon Village in Arlington, fronting as if they have an interest in Clarendon, are all Bitchy McGripecakes over a local Baptist church's plan to sell off some property so that a low-income highrise can be built near the corner of Highland and Wilson. These residents didn't raise a squeak when the high-end development was going in, but Arlingtonians may remember when these chumps spent tax dollars putting asinine speed bumps down Highland and getting authorities to put up signs everywhere directing commuter traffic to Clarendon's commercial district around their neighborhood--way out the fucking way around their neighborhood. Fuck them, fuck them, fuck them again. If they're against this high-rise, then sign me up for the groundbreaking. (Post)
  5. Here's another potential nominee for the joint DCeiver/Castor Oil 2005 "What The Fuck is Wrong With You People?!" Award. God, we're just getting this new year started. (ABC News, via DCist)

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