Tuesday, January 25, 2005

DCeptette: Walk Idiot Walk Version

  1. Oh, my. They should NOT have arrested Handshake Man. That was a big mistake. Bush had better make amends before that dude unleashes his Plague of a Thousand Sores on his ass. (Why I Hate DC)
  2. Craigslister asks, "Where are my Republican sluts?" Well, if you were a real go-getter, you'd have done very well by yourself. Just ask this guy. But, if you want to know where all the Republican sluts are, the answer is simple: Darden.
  3. Pro-Lifers brave the wintry cold to march on DC, tie up the 14th street bridge. Heck, you have to admire their dedication. Here's what's funny: not one of them signed up for my March for Prenatal Care or my March for Paid Family Leave or my March for Well-Funded Schools or my March for Good Jobs So That Parents Can Raise Their Kids or my March for Health Care Coverage for Children or my March Against Trying Children as Adults in Death Penalty Cases. I wonder why that is? (Reuters)
  4. I know it's out of character for you Adam, but could you just this one time indulge yourself by laying out $48,000 in ones and rolling around on top of them in the nude? You so know you want to. (DCist)
  5. Nationwide poll indicates that 82% of the nation, apparently swept away in all that inaugural talk of freedom being on some sort of march, favor full voting priviledges for Washington, DC. Congressional Republicans are quick to pooh-pooh the poll, stating: "Yeah, but that probably includes the 60 or so percent of the public too stupid to realize that there was no connection between Iraq and 9-11. Like we're going to take their advice." (Post)

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