Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Five Question WEST WING Study Guide: This Is A Really Long Drive For Someone WIth Nothing to Talk About but His Crazy Education Plan

Hey. We're sorry we missed last week's episode. What do you need to know about it? This: CJ does NOT eat box. Does that clear things up? You know who does, though? Law and Order's Serena Southerlyn, or so we found out last night, in Dick Wolf's last-ditch attempt to confer the character depth upon Southerlyn that the actress Elisabeth Rohm was incapable of. Goodnight, Elisabeth.

  1. Ok. We think we get it. Howard Dean couldn't win his own nomination, so John Wells is going to do it for him. Based upon what we saw, what personality trait makes a better Dean? a) being really obviously unlikeable b) being Hispanic c) painful--and I mean appendicitis pain--naivete d) being married to Teri Polo e) lycanthropy
  2. Donna in her new career: not buying it, are you? At least the snark part. You can't possibly buy that. Throw me a bone here.
  3. Going back one episode to the week before: How do you assess the possibility that "She's All-Dayton" could become the next big slang euphenism for being a lesbian?
  4. Is it true that prospective Presidential nominees pander for votes by working for a day at the garbage dump? Because I have got a lot of dishes that aren't, apparently, cleaning themselves.
  5. It is asserted that 30% of the people in New Hampshire are "Franco-American"? What percentage are Dinty Moore? Chef Boyardee? Ragu? And to what extent does that totally explain why I will never, ever, ever, ever, EVER, ever, be caught dead in New Hampshire?

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