Monday, January 31, 2005

Let the apocalypse commence!

...because Big Yawn has done something I actually liked! Yes, I know. I've either gone soft or we must now make way for dogs and cats to rut like Hilton sisters in the streets of our fair burg. But seriously, Big Yawn's 10 DC CD's for 2004 me pause for breath, here)...quite good. Very good, actually. And, it's not "good" because "The DCeiver agrees with it." No. In fact, we do not "agree." But it is "good" because we've been dying for something out of this site that felt like someone was putting their critical neck out--and here someone has. This modest list, whether product by committee or not, doesn't feel like it anyway. Rather, it feels like it has a little gumption, a little ego. It's hard to put into words what we like about this, as opposed to what we didn't like about virtually everything else--let's just say that we feel like a critic ought to stand at the plate and point over the wall, and that this list for the first time sends a message: "Fuck it. This is what Big Yawn thinks."

Well, we promised we'd praise as readily as we'd slag. So there you have it. Big Yawn did something really good. Hallelujah.

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