Thursday, January 20, 2005

Send some kind thoughts over to Information Leaf Blower.

Today was lousy on many levels, but no one had as low a day as fellow DCist Kyle, who had to put his kitty Jarvis to sleep today. Twas just last spring the DCeiver had to do the same to one of the Cats of DCeiver, Cleome, and I know how wrenching it feels to have to do it, though it is, at the same time, a very humane act that speaks volumes about our capacity for compassion. As many pet owners know, one of the big benefits we receive from inviting animals into our intimate lives is that their companionship has been shown to help us live longer. It's ironic, on that regard, that there will always be days like Kyle's for anyone who brings a pet into their life. Yet, for this reason and many more, you can bet that our animal friends undoubtedly reap rich rewards in the next life for the joy they bring us in this one--they undoubtedly have many fun things to do, and you can be sure they do absolutely none of them, opting instead for 14 hours a day of sleep. So leave some nice words for Kyle if you get a chance.

Don't you hate it when The DCeiver gets all sentimental? Well, tomorrow we'll get back to comparing various people to various testicles, I'm sure.

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