Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bluestate set to return!

We heart it when our friends become successful! And the Bluestate DJ Collective can now claim an even greater modicum of success, as they have been asked to get all het up again and spin the indie-dance tunes that make all the vaginas explode!

Join them, if you can, Wednesday, February 23 at the Cafe Saint-Ex at 10pm. (1847 14th St. NW)

They promise "another wild night of dancing, drinking and other things John Ashcroft doesn't do." I take that to mean that in addition to DJing and hosting, your Bluestate bloggers will engage in the following activities:

--holding the Virginia Statute on Religious Freedom out for high praise!
--gently nuzzling and making kissy-face noises at calico cats!
--showing you all sorts of boobies!
--honoring ther Geneva Conventions!

Does this sound to you like one of those evenings that ends in disappointment? A thousand times NO!

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