Friday, February 04, 2005

Calling All Enthusiasts!!

Of course, tonight, come to the Black Cat and see the much-ballyhooed and lusted after Exit Clov perform in support of their new CD The Saskwatch EP. It's your official "Stalk the DCeiver" event of the weekend, though chances are you'll probably be there stalking some blogger. Openers include the Rude Staircase and Human Marvels, which features Katzen and the Enigma from the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. Also, the Big Yawn staff will be on hand, feeding grapes by hand to Exit Clov. What fun. More than should be allowed.

If you need your fix of redonkulous liberalism, or if you just wanna pick up on the superfly patchouli-scented honnybelles of radical politics, join the lefty Movementarians at American University tonight beginning at 6pm for the Seventh Annual National Conference on Organized Resistance. Let me tell you from experience, when these guys don't like the buffet tray you've ordered for the evening breakout sessions, there is just no pacifying them! There's tons of sessions and two vegan meals to be had for $12, and hopefully there'll be a seminar called "Adams Morgan: Why We Had To Break the Damn Place."

If you have a penis, but haven't had the opportunity to heft it for weight in the palm of your hand, get your junk to Gadsby's Tavern Museum (134 North Royal in Alex.) Saturday morning at 11am for the Swordsman's Rendezvous, where you'll experience all the battling and weapony goodness from the 18th century for a mere five bucks! Alternatively, if you love your vagina so much that you wish cuddle with it in your arms as if it were a pet bunny, then you should come to DC9 this Sunday evening at 7pm for P.M.S.: Poetry, Music and Spirit, sponsored by Girls' Ink. Not to be outdone, it too will only cost you five clams.

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