Friday, February 11, 2005

Calling All Enthusiasts!!

Well, there are probably a few seats left for tomorrow's opening of The Scarlet Letter, this weekend's "Stalk the DCeiver" event. It's at 1459 Columbia Road at the Casa Del Pueblo in Columbia Heights. And the show has the Maggie Glauber Seal of Approval, so, really, what more can you ask for? You know Peter Marks won't be coming to see it, because he's a Royal Douchebag. Trust in Maggie, people.

Perhaps you've heard that the Wrens are coming to town? Surely you've read DCist's interview? If not, go here and check it out. The Wrens are one of those great underdog bands, toiling in semi-obscurity but making some great music, brimming with maturity and passion. Their record, The Meadowlands? Awesome. They are playing tonight at The Black Cat, though, so you should proceed with our post-Exit Clov sound debacle caveat: call up the Black Cat prior to going and ask if they intend to take their job as a rock venue seriously tonight or if it's just going to be another clownshoes misadventure at the board. Gauge their commitment level and proceed accordingly. (with Army of Me (!!) and The Upwelling, $10)

Umm. We were geeked up for this until I realized it wasn't going to be an opportunity to, say, tag someone across the face with a ThinkPad. A real pity. But if you are looking to get your glitch rock jones on in a big way, well, then head on out to DC9 to watch all the pointing and clicking and mousing, hitting the enter key. It's sure to be a delight for the senses. A winner will be crowned, and we'll see how well the Laptop Champion does next week, when his laptop advances to face the winner of the Sledgehammer Battle the DCeiver is hosting this weekend. Bring it on, IDM geek.

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