Friday, February 18, 2005

Calling All Enthusiasts!!

I know what you're thinking. How can I possibly continue this feature since the dawning of the age of the Going Out Gurus? It seems implausible, I know. But I feel I must soldier on, and give you enthusiasts something to do. I'm sure the GogBlog's gonna recommend you all catch the Gallagher show at the State Theatre anyway, after a nice meal at the Cheesecake Mosque.

All suggestions made under the assumption that you didn't happen to obtain tickets for THE SCARLET LETTER. Or if you aren't off to see the Christo.

What have you done for your brain lately? Sooner or later, dude, you're gonna run out of those 24 DVDs you've been buying it off with. And that bundle of neural synapses is your greatest asset. Treat it right by putting it in front of one of today's most engaging and provoking intellectuals, Malcolm Gladwell. He'll be at Politics and Prose Friday at 7pm kicking it new school about his book Blink, which posits that "we often make the best decisions with the least information." Only Rob Goodspeed has a brain this sexy. Go and bask, but for God's sake don't ask him if he was the inspiration for Malcolm in the Middle. You will totally embarrass me.

I've been cycling The Music's new release Welcome To The North, in and out of my various music playing implements this week, and while I'm too too convinced that as a band name, The Music is at least as stupid as Live, I'm just as sure that live, The Music, are going to make you fucking silly in the head with rock and roll abandon. It's skyscraping, octane, blow the doors off music that could very well make the 930 Club seem small. And Kasabian, also on the bill, are no slouches themselves. Of course, some would call this indie rock, so for all I know, it's all dreadfully boring. (This Friday, 930. With Morningwood)

I flat out adored Katie Melua's 2004 release, Call Off The Search. I also think that the Birchmere has one of the best sound mixes in the area--pure and uncluttered, every well-played note seems to glimmer. Sigh. Sounds like a dreamy combination. Melua's oft-compared to Norah, but the truth is Katie's almost a pure torch singer--sometimes she's satin, but sometimes she's leather. But she's never indie-rock, so you run the risk of running into some overexcited Goo there. Still, before you write off your Sunday evening, lean in for a listen. (with The Sketches, 7:30)

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