Friday, February 25, 2005

Calling All Enthusiasts!!

Those TeenBeat bitches have sort of got the local rock scene on lockdown, but if you don't groove to the sounds of a thousand English Lit term papers put to twinkly pop music, there are other options open for you in the coming week before the Clem Snide/Archer Prewitt show next Friday.

Everyone's hyping--with just cause--the upcoming Curtis Sittenfeld appearance at Politics and Prose. But don't sleep on this Saturday's reading and signing from the delightful Susan Jane Gilman, who'll be reading from her hilarious memoir, Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress. You should make your own punch and pie and go and share. At 6PM.

After this weekend's Oscar celebration, you may need a nice sorbet of film to wash away the acrid taste of vulgar celebrity left behind in the cleft of your palate. Well, I don't know if indie film's going to do much more than make you feel like you've passed your hipster purity test, but why not check out the DC Independent Film Festival anyway? It all kicks off with the Opening Night Films and Reception at 7:30pm with John Daly's The Aryan Couple. Martin Landau, who once paced the streets of DC with David Duchovny in the X-Files movie, will be in attendance as well. So pay some respects. (At the Avalon, 5612 Connecticut Avenue, with Sam Yousefian's The Elephant Egg. $25 for movie and reception, $15 for reception only. Hot pre-party beginning at 5:30 at the Swiss Embassy.)

Have you always wanted to chow down on some authentic American soul food but have never been able to get past the fact that you are, at your very core, a tragically pretentious honky cheeseball? Well, your worries are over. This Sunday, head on over to the Charles Houston Rec Center in Alexandria for a Soul Food Tasting, sponsored by the Alexandria branch of the NAACP. GMU's own Roger Wilkins will be giving a lecture, dude. It sure sounds safe enough for people who pronounce the word "chitterlings" as if it were a three syllable word. (905 Wythe Street in Alexandria, 2pm, Free--but make reservations by calling (703) 838-4356.)

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