Monday, February 07, 2005

Confidential to Kathy

Kathy recently attempted to post a comment to DCist decrying the loss of WHFS and expressing her disgust that the station had turned into a Spanish language station. Because, in her humble opinion, Spanish is some mongrel language. The usual, "Those people should learn English, blah blah blah, I'm sick of the Latinos working at McDonalds" gripecakes followed hard upon.

Leaving aside the fact that I, a big Cafe Tecuba fan, prefer my rock en espanol to be, well...en espanol. The same way I prefer by Edith Piaf in French and my Os Mutantes in Portuguese. Me no likey your warmed over Ricky Martini, thank you very much.

But, other than that, ma'am, fuck your vision of America. I am a goodly amount Swedish, and I don't want your nasty-ass meatloaf casserole. I want meatballs the way God intended them to be made. And sure, like you suggest, I have "options." I can roll out to Woodbridge and have my Date With IKEA. But fuck that. I insist that you goddamned Americans accomodate MY NEEDS. See, Kathy, it's all about M.E.--My Enjoyment. So get your ass in the kitchen, cooze, and roll me out some balls, before I bring some Ace of Base to ya face.

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