Friday, February 18, 2005

DCeptette: Aura of woo-woo version

  1. Virginia's got so many crazy-ass laws in the pipeline that there just isn't enough room to cover them all! Narrowly averted: a law that would have required schools to notify parents if their kids didn't say the pledge of allegiance dies in a tie. Look, I know that some people don't like saying the Pledge. I think it's fundmentally stupid, myself. But you know what? It doesn't like, COMMIT you to anything. Go ahead and add "Void where prohibited" or "While supplies last" to the end if it makes you feel better. But this law is stupid. Who's got the time to suss out who's saying the Pledge and then contact parents every single day? Do you know what Wife Of Deceiver's life would be like under this law? "Hello, is this Mister So and So? Hi. It's Wife of Deceiver calling from school. Your son didn't say the pledge today. I think that the reason why is because your son is AUTISTIC. I think that's the reason I've had to make this call for the past five hundren thousand days. Anyway, just keeping you informed...I'm feeling really good about tomorrow." (Daily Loonypoon)
  2. The Hill's Duncan Spenser calls the battle between the Examiner and the Express a "newspaper war with personality." The standards for qualifying for "personality" are apparently at a record low. (The Hill)
  3. Wow. If you would like to join this self-described "savage fuck" in his attempts to "work the wadger", prove that "breeding is bleeding" and bridge the musical gaps between Muddy Waters, Sublime and Danzig...well, good luck with that. Note to poster: once you've cited AC/DC as an influence, citing Jet is considered to be redundant. (Craigslist)
  4. Tryst is turning their WiFi off on weekend evenings. What? You mean we're going to have to talk to each other? (DCist)
  5. Demzilla. Doesn't exactly call Dr. Strangelove's doomsday device to mind, does it? (Wonkette)

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