Thursday, February 10, 2005

DCeptette: The DCeiver's Book of Practical Cats Version

  1. I sympathize with you, Bored in Fairfax. After all, you probably at one point had a couple of pairs of low-rider jeans and couldn't wait to get four on the floor. Life's changing for Virginia. But you'll need to find hobbies other than torturing your cats in order to get by. (Craigslist)
  2. FishbowlDC is apparently a little miffed that they weren't invited to the Examiner's launch party. Yeah. That's because you're BORING, Fishbowl. You're BORING. (An Even Bigger Yawn)
  3. The DC Cat Assistance Team will be spending this weekend spaying the hell out DC's cats for $5 a pop. Those feline uteri are ticking timebombs, people! Though, now that I think about it, couldn't Adams Morgan use a mobile army of hungry felines to clean up the alleys? And wouldn't it have behooved the DC Cat Assistance Team to have named their populist spay-a-thon something other than "Feline Frenzy?" I think the last "Feline Frenzy" I attended was a wickedly naughty party in SF's Tenderloin District...but, I've signed binding agreements that forbid me from speaking about the things that went on there. Feline Frenzy! That's hot. (DCist)
  4. Senator Mark Dayton (D-Minn) has apparently "shocked" his party by choosing not to seek reelection. You may remember Dayton from last year, when he seriously freaked me by ditching town and telling everyone that Capitol Hill was under a massive terrorist threat that no one but him was talking about. Dude probably just used up his annual leave is all. Actually, Dayton was last seen excoriating Condi Rice on the floor of the Senate--a kick ass display of splenetic righteousness that should have clued people in--most politicians lose their taste for running for office around the same time they develop some balls. (The Hill)
  5. Savino's Cafe and Lounge in Dupont Circle is set to be rechristened as "Cloud". White on white decor, beds in the VIP lounge, tiny-ass foods to enable bulimic patrons--damn, son! It's all so Manhattan circa 2004 and just dreadful sounding. Dig the ingredients of their "Star of India" cocktail, though..."rum, orange liqueur, passion fruit juice, Sambuca, a splash of Sprite and organic rose petals." A splash of Sprite? How adorably ghetto! See you when I'm pretty, Cloud! In the meantime, I"ll be at Stetson's. Oy. (DCist)

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