Wednesday, February 16, 2005

DCeptette: Happy Birthday Tricia, I'm in the Michigan militia version.

  1. This might be the oddest musical pairing we've seen in some time. Wonderjack, and Los Pimpos on the same bill! PK, you've got to update your site to note the fact that now you and Los Pimpos have opened for Wonderjack. This is truly bizarre: Wonderjack is a fluid, keys-fronted, jammy band with a classic-rock feel and Los Pimpos are...well, sort of a pulled-from-one's-own-ass novelty act of hip-hop craptasm. I want to hear these two bands collaborate on "Bring The Noise 2005", or, at the very least, a cover of "Cousin Dupree." Weird, weird, weird. (Craigslist)
  2. Oh, hells yeah. Most Saturday nights, after too many whiskey sours at Tonic, you know where to find me--Chinatown. Mass Court. I'll be chillin' with my friends the brothers Salazar in their penthouse and their downstairs neighbor, Barack. That's Mister Obama to you. The future of the Democratic Party in one building? Mmmmm, gotta getta guard at the door. (The Hill)
  3. We love hunters and freshly killed game at The DCeiver. We ain't gonna lie to you. But gun-rights activists, far and away the most easily riled dorks in the history of politics, are freaking out again at the news that the Virginia legislature, in a rare return to sensible debate, are considering making it illegal to drink and hunt. Of course, the typical loonypoon gun activist ain't having none of that noise. When the time comes to overthrow the government, they reserve the right to do so shitfaced as hell! Although, as one may surmise from yesterday's post, sobriety seems to be the key to mass destruction and the tearing down of outdated institutions...just ask the Terrapins, who get way hammered and then just cannot seem to finish the job they started. Virginia Citizens Defense League President Phillip Van Cleave complains that it's easy to "reach .02 [blood alcohol content] by taking some cough syrup." Point One: if you've got a nasty cough, what are you doing outside hunting? Point two: If cough syrup can only get you to .02, Phillip, then you aren't using it right. (DCist)
  4. The proposal to create special "traditional marriage" license plates in Virginia has been withdrawn. You're welcome, by the way. (WTOP)
  5. The DC Council has drawn the line at Mayor Williams retardedly expensive new "key to the city" citing that the $2000 cost was many times the expense that other cities spend on this ceremony (NYC, apparently, spends only $60). So, the Council couldn't be bothered to play the DC Baseball stadium fiasco any way other that craven, but I guess they'll all expect a nice big reward for saving it's constituents the two G's. Don't worry DC, I can make the necessary number of copies of the Key To My Ass for under $20. (Post)

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