Thursday, February 24, 2005

DCeptette: Little bunny foo-foo version

  1. It's funny. I'm actually a little surprised. But don't you get the feeling that the Bush administration has kind of jumped the shark? I mean, the election season was crazy exciting, and now? Sorta feh, isn't it? Social security reform? Bored. Never gonna happen. He's even trying to keep alive the "town-hall meeting" where everyone has to take a loyalty oath idea, except he's discovering that they don't do that in Germany. Well, not anymore, anyway. I never thought I'd say this, but John Kerry was the best thing that ever happened to him. Not in the sense that he was a great Presidential candidate, but in the sense that he made an awesome dramatic foil. Theirs was a cinematic pairing that hyped the nation! Now, it's like, "President Bush? Who cares." The latest proof of this? Well, think about it. A few days ago, a kid from a Muslim background was arrested and accused of being part of a plot to assassinate Bush. Six months ago, Drudge would have already have photoshopped the kid and Terry McAuliffe together in a picture of them dining at David Greggory. It would have been an election year hootenanny! Right now, though, people are like, President Bush? Assassination plot? Meh. Who do people care about? A fucking bunny, that's who. (Save Toby)
  2. So apparently, the in-flight version of Sideways on foreign carriers has substituted the word "Ashcroft" for "asshole" in one of the movie's scenes. Now that's fucking vulgar. (Reliable Sores)
  3. The quotable Dick Cheney: "We now have more people in the business of preparing tax returns than we have in the army." Were you going for pith, Dick? I'd take the soul-stunting boredom of prepping 1040s over the unbridled lunacy of signing up for the Deathwish Brigade. (Washington Whispers)
  4. "The city is evolving into one of those stereotypical towns of the South..." So begins this morning column by Tom Knott, now the 14,587th writer to offer up some variation of the "DC as sleepy Southern town" story. Ahhh, sweet, sweet complacency. (Fucktard)
  5. We'd love to offer you some pith about soon in Washington, only white hipsters will be able to pray to St. Ides and offer their dead homies curbside libations in tribute, but first, would the Examiner please fix their goddamned website? Ugh...idiots.(Examiner)

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