Friday, February 04, 2005

DCeptette: The little plastic castle is a surprise every time version.

  1. The Washington Examiner seems to think these jokes are humorous. How very "Sunday Source". (Examiner)
  2. Terry and Howard break bread at Cafe Milano. McAuliffe cheerleads: "You should be congratulating me!" That's not true. No one should be congratulating Terry McAuliffe, unless of course you mean "rope to a railroad tie and drag behind your minivan" when you say "congratulate." (Names and Faces)
  3. DCist compares planned celebration of the '79 Iranian Revolution to "a potluck dinner commemorating the Taliban's destruction of the Bamiyan Buddhas." Wait. Does this mean that none of my DCist colleagues are coming to my "Blowin' Up Buddha" Vichyssoise Party? Guys? Seriously, guys? (DCist)
  4. Virginia House of Delegates is mulling a smoking ban, leaving us to wonder what Virginians will do after every time they have a traditional marriage frenzy and finish spelunking a vagina. (Post)
  5. Idiot lawmaker George C. Edwards introduces a bill in Maryland House that would require black bears to be sent to all of Maryland's counties. When reached for comment, Edwards told DCeiver, "Waaaaaahhh! I'm a big pussy crybaby! Waaaaahhh!!" (GOP Poo-Sluice)

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