Wednesday, February 23, 2005

DCeptette: Spay cat strut version

  1. The Going Out Gurus and the people who compile the Examiner's "Too Tough For TV" section: A match made in heaven? (Examiner)
  2. Okay, fair is fair. You wouldn't think anyone walking into the cafeteria of a DC school would be able to discern the smell of several gallons of cat piss from the emanations that are typically found in such a room, but we suppose in hindsight, spaying a couple hundred cats by the taco bar wasn't among the best ideas ever hatched. It's called learning from mistakes, people! Still, I can't wait for one of those high school newspaper columnists with the writing skills of a tenth grader to pen their take on the Feline Frenzy Fiasco. Oh. Whoops! One already did! (Post)
  3. A "high school valedictorian" is in deep shit after allegedly planning to kill the President. Oy. And that High School? The Islamic Saudi Academy in Alexandria. Oy. That's really going to put a damper on their prom. Seriously, though, you'd have to love Bush in the sick way that 45-year old women love Justin Timberlake to want him dead. Most Bush critics would plunge themselves into a shoulder-deep funk at the thought of him being assassinated because then we'd never hear the end of how awesome he was and we'd all get lost going to our friend's hosues because every street in this city would be named after him. He'd be considered a saint. You'd think that the valedictorian of the Islamic Saudi Academy would know something about martyrdom! Sheesh. (DCist)
  4. The difference between Adrian Talbott and me is that while he wants to get young people interested in politics, I want to get those same young people interested in cleaning my apartment. Which one of us will be more successful? Don't count me out. I have a lot more to offer today's disaffected youth that Talbott. In fairness, though, most of what I have to offer is weed. (Reliable Sores)
  5. Do I want to buy a small indie label? Oh, boy, yes! How many food stamps are we talking here? (Craigslist)

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