Wednesday, February 02, 2005

DCeptette: Total recall version.

  1. Katherine Harris: "Nothing has ever come easily. I have had to work for everything." Like hell you have! You grandfather's one of Florida's largest landowners! Your father ran Citrus and Chemical Bank! Did they make you work for sport?! Please, Katherine, take a lap, be a GOP hero, go down in infamy, but I've worked more this week than you'll EVER work in your lifetime. Go feed that pucky to someone else. (The Hill)
  2. Laura Bush narrowly avoids describing Henry Hager as Jenna's "fuckbuddy" to Richard Leiby. Still, we all know what she means. (Reliable Source)
  3. DC Council bans shipments of hazardous materials within two miles of the US Capitol. We have nothing snarky to say about this. Of course, chances are the Republicans in Congress will swiftly lay the hammer down on DC for naively acting to protect its own citizens. So, there you go. I guess I did have something snarky to say about it. (WTOP)
  4. Former POTUS Bill Clinton to serve as special UN envoy to spearhead and coordinate tsunami relief efforts. In related news, today is National Painful Irony Day in Rwanda. Who knew? (DCist)
  5. Ward 6 Residents jump up and down on Sharon Ambrose's head, serves her with recall papers. Do it, Ward 6! Recall her! Recall her! Speaking of--can DC residents name an ANC more dysfunctional than 6D? (WJLA News 7)

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