Friday, February 25, 2005

DCeptette: True men don't kill coyotes version.

  1. A few months ago, the Sunday Source section of the Washington Post published an article that I feel quite comfortable saying was easily the stupidest single article about blogs ever published. Yesterday, the Washington Post, through their new organ Slate, came within a hair's breadth of beating their original effort. While the Sunday Source still rules supreme, Slate's "Rappers and Bloggers" is nevertheless, breathtakingly inane. (Slate)
  2. You may wonder: is the news that coyotes are invading Washington DC in any way related to the DCeiver's Saturday night plans to strategically place piles of Swedish meatballs throughout Dick Cheney's lawn? Just a happy coincidence, actually. (DCist)
  3. Tales of Craigslist--Music edition. One: Months after Mike Holden scares the hell out of me by making me think Dave Grohl was terribly sick, now we get the news that a DC area Kanye West tribute is in the works. And they're looking for "emo kid, post hardcore rocker, electronic freak, [or] new waver[s]." That makes me think: you know what's going to be AWESOME about this? When those emo kids get around to covering "All Falls Down", and they sing the line: "Drug dealer buy Jordans, crackhead buy crack / And a white man get paid off of all of that." That's the part that's gonna be AWESOME. (Craigslist) Two: Here's a Hint, I must warn you, somewhere, out there in the DC-Metro area, they are building a band that you will despise so utterly that it will one day destroy you. (Craiglist)
  4. So, they say that violence travels in the wake of the Go-Go scene. I don't know if Club U should be shut down or reopened. If the stabbing happened in the hallway outside the club, how do we know that it's not the hallway that gets people all pissed off and stabby? We don't know. That's all I'm sayin'. Besides, I think it's a double standard. We all have that song that puts us in a violent mood. Personally, for me, it's Yo La Tengo. Damn. When I hear me some "From a Motel 6", I have GOT to be stabbin' me some motherfuckers. (WTOP)
  5. In case you were wondering just how damned entitled the typical Georgetown undergraduate inagines himself to be, consider the student who said: "I told one of the cops that I thought it was a little absurd to be arresting me for open container and he responded that he agreed but they were under a lot of pressure from the neighborhood to crack down." Um, we all know there's more pressing seeming crimes than open container, but whatever happened to showing a little respect for the law, jackass? They're not there to be your fucking bootblack. (The Hoya)

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