Monday, February 28, 2005

DCeptette: Watch out for Yetis version

  1. Egads. The snow. It's quite the apocalypse. And to think there might be some suburbanites without any toilet paper.
  2. Wow. I've read stuff written by Michael Smith, the president of the Home School Legal Defense Association, but nothing with these kinds of precipitous peaks of pure and unadulterated CRAZY in the CABEZA. Dig this priceless paragraph: "We've seen the newspaper stories about female teachers who have relationships with their students. An Alabama mother was charged with murder this month after her three children starved to death. The children had attended public school." I mean--he doesn't even ATTEMPT to make evidentiary connections! It's all hype and fright bluster! But, dude. This is why I am all in favor of giving the home-school movement exactly what they want. We need to crystallize, encapsulate the home-schooled, because once the blurry lines are solidified that separate the home-schooled from the actual-schooled-in-the-real world, it will be easy to deny their college applications and their resumes. (What Other Paper Would Possibly Print this Loonypoon Spewl?)
  3. Okay. DC has had ONE "Best of Craigslist" entry in the entire month of February? And reading that one, it sort of feels perfunctory, like Craigslist felt sorry for us. That's pitiful, people! (Craigslist)
  4. DCSOB is totally right about Angels of DC. Do I need to tell you how your fifty dollars an hour could be better spent? I do not. It's like the people who ran "It's Just Lunch" relaunched as "You're Just Pathetic." We're one step closer to simply institutionalizing the business of pity sex. (DCSOB)
  5. Why it is that when you read FishbowlDC, it's like the world gets totally silent? Because that's what having absolutely no buzz sounds like. (Zzzzzzzz...)

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