Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Exit Clov: New Album Believed to be Quite Good.

Exit Clov will be hosting a CD release party this Friday night at the Black Cat, and the CD in question, Saskwatch EP, is in the hands of my buddy over at Here's A Hint. It can't possibly surprise you if you've been reading more than a week's worth of the Here's a Hint blog, but HaH hearts the new EC joint, giving it a four out of five stars (and hilariously adjusting this score to the Big Yawn scale).

Exit Clov is an arrestingly good band live, and we at The DCeiver are hoping to feel well enough to scoot over to the Black Cat after Scarlet Letter rehearsal to see them play.

[In other news, I'm still amazed that HaH hearts the Radio 4 record I don't heart and vice-versa! Espesh considercakes I turned him on to Radio 4 in the 1st place! Just more proof that HaH and DCeiver are NOT the same entity.]

Download Exit Clov's "Orange Rust" here.

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