Friday, February 25, 2005

Hot shout-outs in the Washington Post

Today, the WaPo reports from the Cafe Saint Ex iPod DJ night of a few weeks ago, not only interviewing the blogtastic duo of Seeking Irony and Weird Curves (DC's own version of the Tarts of Pleasure), but my longtime friend and former neighbor P. Vo., who, it should be noted, is not just an "iPod impressario"--though he does stick up for the obtusely user-hating and retardulously expensive Apple product line--but also has been known to rock the decks in his own right. And to think: the P. Vo. moniker? Christened in my very own living room! Nice job, Paul. Holla.

As always, thanks to frequent tipster and future retainer Shayna, who worked a splendilly Caddyshack reference into her last email because she's priceless. Priceless, I tells ya.

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