Tuesday, February 01, 2005

More Media than you can shake your tedium at!

Yesterday, we reported on Bored-On-Arrival FishBowlDC. We're pleased to report that they've continued sucking right along--fully 75% of the remotely intriguing content has to do with the douchebag diddlestick who runs Talon News. Once that matter recedes back into the misty, water-colored reaches of our collective attention span, I've got no idea what the FishdishDC is going to go on doing--besides annoyingly copying DCist's style wholesale, that is.

But there's other news in the world of DC News and Media. We at DCeiver want to extend a warm and salutary welcome to Choire Sicha, who'll be filling in for Ana Marie Cox over at Wonkette as she spends the month of February penning 28 Days Later, or, That Time I had to Stop Ingesting Mojitos Long Enough to Write this Book. I know that many, including my lovely DCist colleagues, have wondered if the tangled-up-in-the-212 Sicha can do Wonkette justice, but from where I sit, it hasn't missed a beat in its first day. So, welcome, Choire. Come down and see us for a couple of days while you're on the beat.

Also, the debut of the new Washington Examiner didn't escape our attention. You can get your Examiner related laffs from Why I Hate DC and, natch, DCSOB. For our part, you should know that we eschew such tatty little daily broadsheets as if they were plague-enriched. We think the Express, as far as newspapers go, fails to improve upon the communicative value of an overturned trashcan, and hearing that the Examiner is arrived to compete for those readers--well, how many seconds to I need to gird my loins for that pathetic little showdown? Just remember, Examiner brandishers--you impede me from getting on the subway in the morning, and I WILL cut you.

We also want to note the arrival of Nick Denton's latest efforts in blog bastardry: Gridskipper, a travel blog and Lifehacker, a blog on personal tech. The names of these blogs are totally getting out of hand, by the way. Lifehacker? Aren't they opening for Switchfoot? Don't you use gridskippers to catch big-mouth bass in the intercoastal waterway? Go ahead and use these: Cleftrebler, for your blog about music. And Jocksniffer, for your blog about sports.

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