Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Scarlet Letter is about to unleash it's unholy fury!

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Pictured above in the adorable trompe l'oeil advertisement is Rahaleh Nassri. How does she keep her skin so porcelainy? Through pure mischief, kids. Pure mischief. Rahrah is the auteur behind The Girl With the Spider in Her Vagina, a totally dope playlet that rocked the Studio Theatre's directing class like a hurricane! Well, something like a hurricane. It was probably just south of buzz but way, way north of "concern for her mental well-being", and you know that's the chance you take when you're telling a sweet fable about a teenager whose vaginal arachnid companion spurs her to such great heights of sexual fulfillment.

Rahaleh is playing Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter at Rorschach, which I also have a small but exceedingly lovely role in. Pay-what-you-can previews begin--well, today, actually--and run through the 11th. Then, we officially open the 12th and run through the 12th of March. Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8. It's at the Casa Del Pueblo at 1459 Columbia Road, NW, but there are special 5pm shows on March 5th and 12th for those of you too scared to come to Columbia Heights after 10pm, as well as a Valentine's Day show for all you people with twisted romantic sensibilities. It's all a part of Rorschach's commitment to "magic in rough spaces"--those "rough spaces" including Randy Baker's pants.

The Scarlet Letter also features the King of Sultry Wiles, Scott McCormick, as well as Jay Olshansky Dunn, Celia Madeoy, Paul McLane, and Tryst's own resident supra-genius, Liz Chomko.

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Anonymous said...

Does this mean you are Liz Chomko?

The Deceiver said...

Ha! No. Though Liz would find this amusing as hell. My editor Travis, actually, still thinks Shayna Bloom and I are the same person. But you would never confuse me with either Shayna or Liz, believe me.