Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Some Long Awaited Synergy

In The Diner today:

  • We unleash ourselves on the hypocrites and fools who painted their fingers blue during the last State of the Union address.
  • To prepare yourselves for next week's hotly anticipated Oscar Recap, we have thoughtfully ressurected last year's splendid offering, Tolkien Academy Fight Song. If you didn't read it last year, go enjoy it now.
  • We got our review on some hot singles action. No, not pathetic, desperate singles that you see in sweaty bars. Singles from Tori, and Brendan Benson, and...William Shatner?!
  • Plus: The usual Six of One and a Half Dozen of the Other and a hilarious live chat between Dave and his friend Aaron on the occasion of seeing Arnold run.

And lately, in DCist:

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