Wednesday, February 02, 2005


We've been quite the losers over at The Diner, but oh the excuses we'll ply! Travis had to move to Texas! Jason needed to get over a bronchial infection! 24 was on! Yes, we finally have finished our accounting of the year that was 2004. Damn! So last year! Now, even Kelly Clarkson's writing emo!

We'll do better, meanwhile, we do our worst with the past year. Part Two of the Best of Everything, including Travis' Year in Eats--it'll make you wonder why on Earth he left Manhattan for Austin. Also, we give you our critical take on 2004 in Music. Our Album of the year is total DUH!cakes, but the rest of the list should intrigue you, unless you are an Animal Collective fan, in which case, go suck a dick. Plus, some more shit. We'll see you again, hopefully, a week from this Sunday.

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