Friday, February 11, 2005

There are no Network Solutions

It's too bad there aren't "internets", as President Mini-Me claims, because after this morning, I'd be looking to get off of the one I'm on and jumping to the other internet. Oy. Network Solutions seems to think I pointed our domain name at some hosting service I've never heard of back in October. There's just no convincing them that they are wrong about that, because their heads are wedged tightly in their Albert Pujols. Meanwhile, over at the hosting service, I have to ask..."Hotel California" is that really a good choice for hold music? Isn't that a little off-message? Oh, you're going to play that atonal, gag-reflex inducing Vanessa Carlton single from yesteryear. Eeek. Send me back to Henley's crotchety embrace.

Yeah, I've been on a dark desert highway all right. And my brain is burning and I need lunch and sleep. But I have to point out that stories about the local media are blowing up!

DIG! The City Paper's expose on the pro-Whitey Examiner! For those of you who can't remember what the Examiner is--who can blame you! It's that new daily from Philip Anschutz? The one that probably won't be around in a years time? Also, check out the City Paper's puzzlement with regard to the ass "Too Hot For TV" section of said Examiner. Let's just say that you can safely say that Uncle Grambo from Whatevs would have already referred to it as "Too Durst for TV", if the Examiner were something he even gave two shits about, and really, who could possibly blame him for not?

THRILL! to Why I Hate DC's taking things a step further and saying, "You think the Examiner is a lame-ass fishwrap put out by dodgy racists? Sheeyit, son! Step away and repeep the Moonie Delight for alla that served up old-school!

WONDER! At the continuing story of Jeff Gannon/JD Guckert and the Talon News fiasco. It's not just a DEbacle, it's like a CHEWbacle--like A Star Wars Xmas style nonsense. Umm, just go to Wonkette, where Choire Sicha has this story on such tight lockdown that they're already clearing out a table at Lauriol Plaza in the hopes that Choire might drop by in his official Gawker Media smoking jacket and regale us all, Dorothy Parker style, this weekend.

Or, of course, go be BORED at FishbowlDC.

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