Thursday, February 17, 2005

Translating the Played Out Gurus, an Ongoing Chronicle of the Quixotic Gogblog: The Tigers Have Spoken

Need background? There. It's fun when people who evince a cultivated disdain for blogs try to do it themselves. At the Washington Post, the Going Out Gurus have already shown this town that they are about as cutting-edge as a turkey baster. But we winced when these smokers called out DCist and others in a live chat:

The one problem I have with many of the local music blogs I've read (I won't name names) is the obsession with indie rock...and only indie rock. Gets boring pretty quickly.

Okay. Sure. Never mind that nearly everyone who knows anything about music said that the last 12 months was a non-stop indie rock resurgence on all fronts--we're sorry that the predominant pop music trend in the world is already boring the Goos. Whatever.

Of course, the Goos were actually dining on three-layer envycakes a la mode, because within days, they had gotten into the blogging game. And of course, one of the items they led with straight from the gate was announcing a Neko Case gig in Ballmer. (Baltimore?! Is there gonna be a rumble with the Going Out Of Town Gurus over that?) Neko Case...pretty much one of the big, big, BIG names in indie rock, both for her own alt-country records and her work with the New Pornographers. Because the DC blogosphere rolls massive against the pretenders, the Goos were immediately taken to task for their teaspoon of hypocrisy, and just as immediately, in a violation of just about every blog style sheet, and in an overreaction that belies deep insecurity, they took the post down!

Their rationale? "But, wetook down the Neko Case post because the show was yesterday, so itdidn't make sense to leave it up. Also, I'd be hard pressed todescribe Neko Case as indie rock. She's alt-country - or straightahead country - or rock."

So, they seem to have WEBLOG confused with MARQUEE or CALENDAR. And, I espesh love the fact that they'd be "hard pressed" to describe Neko Case as indie rock. You can picture them, in the Going Out Gurus laboratory, pulling out their hair over that one! The best they can do--under all the PRESSURE, mind you--is suggest that Neko Case may or may not fall into one of three broad categories of music. It's Big Yawn disease: "We're experts! Just don't ask to see any expertise, or we'll take our blog entry and go home!"

Sad. By the way, to the best of knowledge, they haven't taken down any other postings. We'll have commentary on those later.

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