Monday, February 07, 2005


So my buddy Paul "Kamran"--who I guess if following in Kelly "Vivion" of Juniper Lane's footsteps with the nomenclature revisionism--played out for the first time in 8 years in a non-Artomatic setting at a place called the Laughing Lizard Lounge in Old Town last Friday, and he sounded GREAT. A modest crowd of mostly Wonderjack fans warmed up appreciably to Paul's solo w/laptop set which hit on the lion's share of his new music and included covers of Rufus Wainwright's "California" and the Postal Service's "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight." His songs "...For California", "Rosary" and "Pure" sounded espesh tight, and we can't wait to hear this stuff with the full band.

Paul would be the musical zenith of an evening that also included the Exit Clov CD release shindig at La Chat Noir. My review of that show is up at DCist. Long story short, the sound at La Chat shat, big time. 'Twas shocking, really, the subcompetence. Here's my open letter to the Black Cat: Guys? Really. If you all can't commit yourselves to a sound mix that improves upon the Staccato Lounge, then do us all a fucking favor and don't even come to work that night. I mean, what are you all good for if you can't get it up for your patrons, at least offer us a semblance of professionalism? Friday night, you all were tragic fucking jokes. So, next time, just leave a little paper sign on the door that says, "Keep your cover, the Staff of the Black Cat has decided we can't be fucking bothered tonight."

Now, the Black Cat cannot be blamed for the awfulness that was the Human Marvels. In fact, the one allowance I'll make for the shitty, piss-poor stupidity that was the sound mix for Exit Clov is that the Human Marvels were, in fact, horrific enough to detune a normal person's ears. Catherine at Unrequited Narcissism has got these clowns scattered smothered and covered on her site, so I'll only add this--what up with all the motherfuckers who clearly broke their necks to see thsi dreadful band? I mean, DC, you were INTO those guys! Has the community gotten to the point that you'll show up and adore anything with a whiff of celebrity? Seriously, what was the attraction? I was deflated by the armies of the easily impressed I saw that night.

Saturday morning and it was time to wash the bad, bad memories out of my head. Wife of DCeiver and I headed to The Diner for some brunchola. The weather was nice enough that some of the places, like La Fourchette, had peeps eating outdoors, but we thought it still too cold. We ran into Randy Baker and Deb Sivigny, who were returning from the Falafelhouse, as well as the Castle Fun Boys--Mark, Michael and Brent at Tryst. Brent was testing out his new PowerBook, and had some seriously disturbing pics of some Peruvian child who was essentially born as a mermaid--with her legs fused togethers. Thalidomide, anyone? At least I wasn't thinking about the Black Cat anymore.

The DCeiver has fallen hard this weekend for the following music. First off, thanks to the Blower of the Informational Leaves for the hookup on an old Harvey Danger tune that's just perfect and lovely: "Pike Street/Park Slope." Harvey Danger is best remembered for their song "Flagpole Sitta" by the masses, but I wouldn't dismiss them as a one-hit wonder--as Wife of DCeiver cautions: "they can write some damn good lyrics." Go to KG's site and grab the tune. Then, go to Teaching the Indie Kids to Dance Again and download the three songs they have by Electric 6--all are fantastic, espesh "Jimmy Carter".

Also, I have been listening and relistening to Bright Eyes' Digital Ash In A Digital Urn. DIg those laptop beats that Conor is jacking. The critical consensus seems to be running against Digital Ash--most seem to prefer the simultaneous release I'm Wide Awake It's Morning. All I can say is that if that's the case, then Wide Awake had better inflate my balls to size of chihuahuas to impress me beyond what I'm hearing on Digital Ash.

Of course, this weekend was also the Superb Owl, as my friend Tracy calls it. Wife of DCeiver was off to root on the Iggles on HDTV while I as a member of the Theatre Community, had rehearsal. We are, after all, Godless gay communists who prefer buttsex and Monty Python recitations to football! Actually, all kidding aside, we watched it on a cute little TV that looked like R2D2's head. Strangely, all of us in The Scarlet Letter were swept up in the Boston setting and supporting the Patriots. (Sorry, Philly. This Skins fan has a three-word philosophy toward the Eagles, which is "Eagles" preceded by "Screw the..." Sorry. It's nothing personal.)

[I also have another political column up on DCist from this weekend, if'n you wanna check it out. And I'm just as distraught over the death of Ossie Davis as you are. A real loss to the acting AND political community, to say nothing of the Howard University Alumni community. He'll be missed. Spare some kind thoughts to Ruby Dee today.]

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