Monday, February 28, 2005

Welcome back Ana!

Well, Choire Sicha Month at Wonkette has ended. The lady who is a tramp returns to her scratching post tomorrow, rested, sober and missing whatever words were in her brain that are now in her book.

Now, apropos of this, you may have been wondering what my latest disjointed series of pictures that temporarily appeared on the site were supposed to mean. Well, I'll tell you.

Recently, the question was asked: If you could suggest a way for the Real Wonkette to make a return, and truly cum in like a lion this month of March, what would it be. What a great question. I should know. I asked it. And having asked it in the first place, I thought, "Well, smart guy, what would you suggest?" And the answer is: Well, I'm not entirely sure what Wonkette should do to make a big, splashy, hot-as-shit return. But I think that the ingredients (and hence the pictures...) would have to include:

1. Jeff Gannon. Natch. It's high time she got a piece o' that ass for herself.

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2. And to best facilitate the taking of that ass, The DCeiver recommends the Bend Over Beginner Harness Kit. It comes with a silicone dong AND butt plug, and before you rush out to buy this for Wonkette, chances are she's got one of these in a closet somewhere.

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3. Finally, when you're talking about a little bipartisan intercourse, there's nothing that sets the mood in this town quite like those four sweet words: "Moderated by Jim Lehrer". (Schieffer, also, could do in a pinch, but there's all sorts of extra shit on his rider, and that old pixie always wants to get in there and fuck some shit up himself.)

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With welcome back wishes!

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