Tuesday, March 29, 2005

9:30 Club Tickets: Letting the cat out of the bag. [Updated]

[UPDATED: Thanks, Gary!]

I'm a little bewildered by a comment thread at DCist. Apparently, Snow Patrol and Bright Eyes are announced for dates at the 9:30 Club. Awesome news. But it's touched some kind of nerve. As best as I can ascertain, DCist Catherine was tipped about the shows and found the information about each on 9:30's ticket sales page, not the main site (which today, despite the fact that it says it's been updated as of today, does not list Bright Eyes or Snow Patrol).

Now, you wouldn't think that this is any kind of big deal, but apparently, the public site on which the information is available has some self-appointed guardians who prefer that YOU never find out about these shows until much later, and they keep that information to themselves (hilariously asserting that it's on a "need to know" basis). Then, presumably, they lather themselves in oils, perform the Dance of the Sugarplum Scenesters and slowly, lollingly, languidly, get their tickets. They have all kinds of time to do it.

Now, we hear everyday, here and at DCist and on the streets, from people saddened and perplexed because the shows sold out so fast. And then we hear from bands who tell us about their experiences, like Carlos D., who told me while we were standing in line at O'Tasty that he thought the crowd for the Interpol show were a bunch of wankers, except for Peter Denton and the
Upstate Life and all his friends, who he totally wants to hang out with, and maybe mow his lawn because he's sorry that he didn't enjoy the show.* He told me that the people he met trying to buy tickets the night of were a "lot cooler", and he went on to say, "I wish I could take a shit on the people who were there, just shit on their faces, except for Peter Denton and The Upstate Life--who if I'd known wasn't having a good time I would have have said, 'Hey The Upstate Life! Climb up here and let's shit on these people!" After we talked, Carlos spent most of the rest of the evening putting his cock in things.

Anyway--I don't care about who's right or wrong or cool or super cool or kewl. I just want to tell you people--if you REALLY want to know what shows are coming to 9:30 club, go right
here. (link corrected.)

Here here here. (link corrected.)

That's apparently as early as it gets, outside of an organized pre-sale. Check it all day, every day. Get your tickets as far in advance as possible. And be a part of audience Interpol doesn't want to take a shit on.

And, DCist Catherine? Consider this post to be an official Press Release.

Tee hee.

*The Upstate Life and P.Denton officially stand in for all my peeps, known and unknown who got in to see Interpol. Carlos was totally all: tell them all next time, O'Tasty's for everyone. Um. Yay?


catherine said...

Then, presumably, they lather themselves in oils, perform the Dance of the Sugarplum Scenesters and slowly, lollingly, languidly, get their tickets.you get the coffee out of the nose award for the day!

Gary said...

FYI: Need the args from the query string for your links to work. Tack "?orgid=3595" onto the end of the URLs to see the list of all events at 930 avail. on the tickets.com site.

Chris said...

Thanks a lot for posting about this - I had generally wondered why the tickets sold out so frigging fast, and this is obviously why. Thanks to you, I got my tickets to the Bright Eyes/Faint show already. Really appreciate it

Fletch said...

Crap. Does this mean that there will be even more self-anointed hipsters wandering our streets talking about how they scored prime 9:30 tix?

The Deceiver said...

Gary--THANK YOU for the help! And, no Fletch, some people who don't spend a week's pay playing poverty dress up may get into gigs now, which I'd be willing to bet is a message you spprove of.

Fletch said...

Oh, I spprove alright, I spprove all the way to the box office.

TUL said...

Carlos D kept trying to get my attention the entire time but I was too busy shoegazing with my Stella in hand, 'natch. He seemed pretty
bummed out by the end of the set.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI, more and more bands are "pre-selling" tickets on their own websites sometimes days or even weeks before 9:30 sells them. (Snow Patrol, Modest Mouse, Dinosaur Jr, and your very own Interpol are some recent examples). Don't put all the heat on the 9:30 club. Though some is deserved.

The Deceiver said...

"My Very Own Interpol??"

The Deceiver said...

Hey, I don't blame the 9:30 club for anything. They want to sell tickets for shows, so every sold out night is good for them. I haven't done anything to impede the 9:30 club's operation one bit.

Anonymous said...

I receive the 930 Club emails, informing me of the pre-sales and "soft" sales (just for the newlsetter subscribers). All of this didn't help me with getting Bright Eyes tics because they were sold out a half hour after the reported sale time.