Wednesday, March 30, 2005

9:30 Ticket Kitty out of the bag and purring softly on the laps of music fans.

Fallout from DCist taking public information and daring to "publicize" it has predictably spilled onto the 9:30 club forums to be batted back and forth by lackwits far and wide. For the record, I'm filing no FOIA requests or making a federal case with the 9:30 club. Hmmm--I think you might be just protecting your investment or else assigning blame. The 9:30 Club can run their highly successful business as they see fit, and at the end of the day, I bet they're only too hapy to take the money of the people who learn about gigs from DCist. My dollar counts the same as any dollar the 9:30 forums can scrounge up--and mine has the value-add of not being stained with the drippy drippy tears of self-pitying hacks.

Whoever posted the hypothetical of the time-starved, Belle and Sebastian loving construction worker--I'm with you. That's the guy I sympathize with. For the life of me, I cannot stomach or understand those that begrudge fans of certain bands getting tickets to those bands. There appears to be an ever shifting set of goalposts for some that denote a true fan: basically, the argument is being made that if you don't check websites and join mailing lists religiously then you don't carry the Mark of Cain or some nonsense. Of course, what no one will cop to is the fact that as soon as ten times the number of people start checking the websites and joining the mailing list, those self-same avatars of purity control will roundly dismiss the latecomers as poseurs and the new shibboleth will be "I was on the mailing list back when it was old-school! I deserve special rights and priviledges." Wank wank wank. This isn't about being a true music fan and it isn't about supporting the 9:30 club and it isn't about fighting scalpers, it's about proclaiming yourself to be "in" and then digging as deep a moat as possible so that these ego-deificient yucksters can stave off their creepy inferiority complexes.

You want to be in, join fucking Verizon Wireless.

Here's the quote that just about roundly sums up their POV:

"I think this is the crux of things. It's the cyber-equivalent of telling your friends (smaller blogs) vs. telling the world (larger blogs like DCist). There's nothing inherently wrong with that, but it's a bit disappointing for those of us who found a way to get ahead of the game a little."

So to sum up: Please DCist, stop doing your job. I was a big winner and if the day comes where there are too many other winners I may start crying.

Way back in the days of Prohibition, I remember being momentarily put off to learn that movie theatres were selling tickets in advance. For like thirty seconds, I thought of this of sacrilege. Surely there was purity in waiting on line outside the Odeon. Then my brain came back to life and made me realize that I hate waiting on line. You find an advantage, you avail yourself of it.

So, DC, avail yourself of the news: add to the now-on-sale Snow Patrol and Bright Eyes the news that Afrobeat artist Femi Kuti is doing a July 16 date at 9:30 and tickets are on sale now.

The Decembrists, the Reverend Horton Heat, and Ben Folds go one sale tomorrow at 10:00AM, along with tickets for the performance of the Teeny Tiny Violins Playing Weepy Dirges for the 9:30 Scenesters.


Baxine said...

Thanks, DCeiver. Appreciate the heads up, even if you delivered it with sarcastic tone.

Tom said...

I'm going to forward that entry to all of my trendy, hipster, "you're not a real fan" friends.

"What is this? You're wearing the shirt of the band you're going to see? Don't be that guy."

The Deceiver said...

HELL YES with the PCU reference! An officially sanctioned "Movie To Live By".

Jonah Speights said...

I''ll be back. Later :)