Thursday, March 24, 2005

A belated welcome back.

While The DCeiver has, on occasion, ghost-assistant-written articles on the subject (and I'll never tell you what or for who), or taken angles on the local theatre scene that keep him well out of Conflict of Interest Land, it is this blog's policy to eschew levying snark in the direction of the theatre scene. With the following exceptions:

  1. Pimping.
  2. Self-pimping.
  3. Slagging Bob Anthony.
  4. Begging, pleading, with uvula a-flutter with the Didactic Theatre Company to change their confoundingly stupid name as soon as possible.
  5. Planning for the eventual Helen Hayes Award Conquest that will be Christopher Henley: Live and Nude, with a Cast of Thousands.

Tis a pity I'm such a whore.

But, as a humble hanger-on who is easily replaced by every member of every graduating class of Middlebury College, that's as far as I go. But you know who'll go a lot farther? The delightfully dishy TheaterBoy, who's now back to his old haunt...perhaps even lounging on a pile of fifty-thousand one-dollar bills, who knows? Regardless, his is a fine blog that will entertain and occasionally scandalize. A rousing welcome back, T'Boy. You were missed.

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