Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bracketology continued

Sorry for the absence. I was up in Gaithersburg at the NNWXNE Mercury Safety Journalism Expo and Chili Cook-Off. I was delivering the keynote address about how mercury-safety related blogs weren't in the position to supplant, at least not yet, mercury-safety related journalism in mercury-safety related trade periodicals like Mercury Safety, who's March cover story, "Mercury-safety related blogs: are they supplanting us?" is definitely an article I'd recommend to anyone who's life might be saved by a sudden onset of stultifying ennui. Anyway, NNWXNE is always fun, and the chili, naturally, spurred healthy doses of fiery flatulence.

At any rate, I appreciate everyone who's comments or emailed about UNC. WHat a conundrum they pose in their subregional. Of course, I grew up a Duke fan but went to UVA, which means that I prefer UVA and the Blue Devils to the Heels and Terps. It's perverse, I can't hope to explain myself, and I don't care to anyway, but let's just say it's not in my nature to back the Heels except under certain circumstances. (And, as you know, I never back the Terps.) One of those special circumstances, however, is Florida--a team whose coach, Billy Donovan, I flat-out despise. I know, I know...normally, I got nothin' but love for a mick done good, I worry about a whole side of my family exploding with Irish Catholic confusion when Notre Dame takes on Holy Cross in the NIT (I'm backing COHC in that one myself, and kudos to the NIT for picking a Patriot League team--that's the first time, to my knowledge, thats ever happened), but I cannot stand that asshole Donovan. Between he and Gary Williams, who's just a sadistic orc asshole, I couldn't pick which one should hang higher.

So I need to have UNC survive long enough to dispatch Florida, who I'm terribly worried about perhaps not choking as they usually do. On the other side, we have Kansas and UConn. Of course, I want to see UNC play Kansas. Surely the basketball gods will see this through. What happens when UNC plays Kansas? I think Roy Williams wins. I think he wins because of his tendencies. As his Kansas teams went deeper and deeper, I could literally feel his team, and Williams himself get tighter and tighter, until they were all a bunchy of wound-up freaks panicking at the first missed three or bad foul. So what happens if his Heels play the Jayhawks? Well the situation either gets badly exacerbated or it suddenly gets relieved. I'm banking on relief, because the UNC players WIlliams inherited are a bunch of arrogant chuckleheads that aren't likely to treat Kansas with much respect, while at the same time being crazy good enough to walk it like they talk it. UNC wins out.

That leaves Duke and company in the Austin bracket. Duke is a weird team. They most definitely EARNED the one seed, but as a team, this is not anywhere close to being one of the better teams in the country. So it's really strange. Can't argue, and won't, but I think this team starts struggling in the second round and I think Syracuse will probably beat them pretty easily in the Sweet Sixteen. JJ Redick is the X, Y, and Z factor, because maybe he shoots 8-12 while lying on his back at half-court--I DON'T KNOW. I know that if Delaware State wants to be the first 16 to beat a 1 seed, they ought to be sending some pipe-swinging Jeff Gilhooly-types to Charlotte on a hard-target search for Redick's kneecaps. Oklahoma'll probably regret this, but for the time being, I'm picking Syracuse to win this subregional.

So, that means my Final Four is Illinois, Wake, UNC and Syracuse. Hating on West Coast Basketball, as usual. Pimping the ACC, as usual. I figure to be very wrong on this, but I say UNC-Wake final, with the Demon Deacons winning it all. Stay tuned for tomorrow morning, by which time I'll be backsliding on this faster than quicksilver down the halls of Cardozo.


Underused said...

Hmmm... I chose Illinois, Wake, UNC, Duke, with a Wake-UNC matchup and UNC winning out. I guess when pimpin the ACC through the bracket, we're bound to produce a similar prediction. Though my reasoning is much less educated than yours.

Anonymous said...

Duke vs. UNC yes
Oklahoma St. vs. Louisville on the other side. G. Tech won't make it past Louisville. Gonzaga is for real and Wake don't play enough defense unless groin shots count. Oklahoma St. vs. UNC for the other tourney subplot, but JamesOn Curry's tweed ain't selling in Chapel Hill and it ain't in St. Lou either. Holla ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Anonymous said...

Syracuse will make it far, but only if Gerry Mack shoots all their free throws.

NC State winning the whole deal. It would be awesome because Julius Hodge is the "human pipe cleaner".

Connecticut can't be counted out. Leads the nation in blocked shots and rebounding. They blocked the crap outta UNC in a loss.


Anonymous said...


I had UNC and Wake too and we didn't even discuss prior. Further indication that our mindmeld is nearly complete.

Anonymous said...

NC State winning the whole deal. It would be awesome because Julius Hodge is the "human pipe cleaner". Copy and Paste and repeat!!

Anonymous said...