Friday, March 11, 2005

Calling All Enthusiasts!!

You Can't Go See Hot Hot Heat
You're missing a great lineup. Hot Hot Heat, Louis XIV, and the Washington Social Club at 9:30. Sold out, baby. What to do, what to do? Spend the weekend at Iota, instead. Tonight, they have the Bicycle Thieves, Army of Me and the Upwelling. Tomorrow they have Cartel, RPM and Brice Woodall. On balance, some pretty good rock. Get there early so as to avoid the crush and make friends with the Iota bar staff, who always treat you right. ($10 Fri/$8 Sat)

See Mayor Tony Williams Live!
We all know that Baltimore's mayor gets mad props for basically being a drunkard who fronts his own third-rate version of Flogging Molly. You'd be that way, too, if you presided over a slum with a massive aquarium. Well, our own leader, the charismatic Anthony Williams will be doing one night at the Lincoln Theatre, laying down his one-man show: "The State of the District". You've never seen this kind of act before--packed with oodles of unintended hilarity, you'll cry so hard that you'll struggle to find a way to convince yourself its only laughter! Don't forget to join in on the audience participation--Tony loves it when people chant "Fenty!" over and over again. Best of all, don't forget that Bluestate is throwing the official State of the District After-Party. We hear Mark Plotkin is a huge Futureheads fan! (Free!)

An Afternoon of Civil War Medicine
Prepare yourself for the Ownership Society, in which only people that own doctors will receive health care, by learning lessons for the future by studying the past at the Stonestreet Museum of 19th Century Medicine. Actors portraying Edward Stonestreet and Clara Barton will teach you about balms, salves, wraps, liniments, tonics, and how to live a normal life with gigantic gangrenous infections. At least go and ask the impersonators about tobacco, because back then they thought it cured everything. (Free! 103 West Montgomery Avenue, Rockville.)

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dj dcsob said...

Our goal at the afterparty is to get Adrian Fenty to balance a drink on that bald noggin of his.