Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Come to the Washington Shakespeare Company tonight for hot Hal-on-Hotspur action (as well as totally dope Welsh singing!)

I thought that maybe only the five super-awesome-cool people I know should hear about this, because we must, after all fight ticket scalpers, but I couldn't not tell the world to come out to Washington Shakespeare Company tonight to see the latest installment in their 15th Anniversary "Bard-37" Canon Cabaret, Henry IV, part 1. The Canon Cabaret are public readings of every single Shakespeare play in chronological order, read by current WSC company members along with "the area's most recognized celebrities." Since The DCeiver will be part of tonight's reading, I can only assume that I am now one of the "area's most recognized celebrities." Long live the low standards of this area!

Anyway, Grady Weatherford is directing this reading. We have had all of one rehearsal. And that was last night. But if you ask anyone there, they'll tell you that it was one kick-ass rehearsal.

Anyway, tonight at 7:30, make your way to the Clark Street Playhouse at 7:30 for the hottest history that ever held forth. The reading features some of the area's most recognized celebrities, including Maggie Glauber, Arthur Rowan, Lewis Shaw, Hugh T. Owen, Bill Gillett, Michael Dove, The DCeiver, Frank Britton, Liz Chomko, Alexander Strain, Wife of DCeiver, Jason Stiles, Tracy Olivera, and Grady Weatherford.

And you will not want to miss the awesome Welsh singing. Unless you are Welsh, in which case, you should miss it, because you will likely be truly, truly offended.

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