Tuesday, March 08, 2005

DCeptette: A sort of homecoming version

  1. "1. 2. 3. 14. Hello, hello! I'm in a bar that's called Fado. This is Chinatown? You'd never know. This gig's...in a hood...that's surreal! Surrrrrreeeeeeeaaaall!" (DCist)
  2. You know what reminds of that time we were at war with Serbs in Kosovo and they dropped a bomb on the Chinese Embassy and then we like pretended that we had no idea the motherfucker was even there and we told them that we had some bad maps and China was all: "Don't even try to play me! Look on Mapquest, bitchass!" And we were like: "Sheesh. Calm down China. We're a-warring." But anyway we looked pretty damned incompetent? This reminds me of that. (Post)
  3. When I read that Craigslist was going to send personal ads into outer space, this is exactly the sort of thing I hoped would make it out to Omicron Perseii 8. Maybe they can make sense of it. (Craigslist)
  4. Washington Shafts Manager Frank Robinson offered up his thoughts on what DC's new baseball stadium should be like. "I'd like to see a ballpark like Coors Field, where if you go to the concession you can still see the field, without a wall in front of you." Yeah. And where the air's so thin that even an Expo can dink the ball to the warning track. Of course, we still think the best stadium solution is to let the Shafts have whatever half of RFK the DC United aren't using. (WTOP)
  5. Finally, a shout-out of gratefulness: Big thank yous to the fine people of Tryst who arranged for the VIP treatment last Saturday night. That was really awfully nice of you. I was just as surprised as you that the Scarlet Letters could pack away that many waffles. The booze...not as surprised, frankly. Much, much, gratitude!

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