Thursday, March 03, 2005

DCeptette: This is where we are tonight version.

Where VIP stands for "vastly inelegant pillows." Posted by Hello

  1. Pictured above, the VIP room at Cloud. It's called Cloud 9. Hmmm. Maybe a better name would be Cloud 2.1 Beta. Unless, of course, DC's VIPs want to hang out in a place that has teh aesthetic flavor of a Marlo showroom, circa 1987. (DCist)
  2. So, what's up, DC Metro Area? "Oh, DCeiver...I"m feeling so betrayed!" Betrayed? Why's that? "The snowstorm that never came! I feel so used, so lost. I spent all day staring at the road, waiting for the snow to accumulate!" Oh. But it never really did. "No! It never did. I just don't know anymore. I can't find my balance. I'm just looking for a sure thing, some solid ground to hold on to!" Well, if it makes you feel any better, Spring will be here soon! "That's right! Spring is coming! Oh, DCeiver, promise me that springtime will last about sixteen days and then give way to ferociously hot temperatures and unbearable humidity!" Oh, DC Metro area! Of course it will! Of course it will. (Post)
  3. All I know is, I've got to make a lot of calls to area collectors who'll AWFULLY disappointed they won't be getting their weekend shipment of Egyptians. (WJLA)
  4. Memo to FMHg: Your album should definitely be called Cardozo Flow. (DCist)
  5. "There's a toxic cloud hanging over. / There's white noise on the screen. / And there's a man in a hotel room, assaulting a maid who's just come to clean /up the mess. /Backstreet's back, all right."

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