Thursday, March 24, 2005

DCeptette: When Dollars Last in DC's Coffers Bloomed Version

  1. DCist Becca dispenses some sensible advice to the lovelorn subway rider, well worth heeding. I'd like to add: when you approach your potential subway paramour, take things easy and simple. Be yourself. And above all, do not go straight for the clitoris. Nevermind that that's how I met my wife. (Ask DCist)
  2. WTOP is reporting that a gigantic colon--red, spongy and distended--is teaching people cancer awareness at the Georgetown Medical Center. Who'd have thought Bill Frist would have the time to moonlight? (WTOP)
  3. The cheetah cubs have all got names now. Sadly, they did not use any of the DCeiver's suggestions, which were Dasani, Aquafina, St. Ides and Mister Pibb. (Washington Post)
  4. Pretty much the best analysis of the Williams budget so far can be found at DCSOB. The impetus to re-elect Williams is the same thing that lead some to fake orgasm or buy that record The Hooters made--the pleasure was more or less fleeting at best, illusory at worse, but all the gosh-durn effort makes you wanna drop a bucket in your pity well. (DCSOB)
  5. DC is poised to launch a two-month celebration of Walt Whitman, beloved poet and former DC resident. What a lot of people don't anticipate is that the Whitman celebration is definitely a Blue State thing--between Leaves of Grass, Whitman was known to cleave some ass! In tribute, DC Metro residents of all sexual persuasions are urged to pepper their sodomizing with passionate cries of "Oh, Captain! My Captain!" (DCist)

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