Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Don't Miss This: 1115 on Schiavo

1115 is frequently pimped by various and sundry, and it's well deserved. As far as left-leaning political blogs go it's a refreshing break from both in-bred Berkeleyspeak and from the chorus of yes men that fill Atrios' comments page full of hollabacks. On the regrettable saga-cum-gutpunching national embarrassment that is the Terri Schiavo case, they've been pretty spot on. They've even been over the back fair about it, check out their thoughtful point/counterpoint.

Today, though, they keenly nail DC's guest residents, your public servants, especially the Congressional majority, dead in the water. As you read it, you'll get a quotation from Rick Santorum that provides prima facie evidence that he has no idea what the powers of Congress are. If the man were beaten with rocks, it might actually be to his benefit, I shit you not.

But really, it's the last line of their piece that both pierces the murk of this case with a white light of truth and leaves you with chills. There is, without a doubt, a level of human misery the congressional majority is only too happy to entertain because it gets them what they want. We still hate people like Saddam Hussein, right? Terror-sparking tyrant bastards who feed with impunity on the lifeblood of the strangers they are supposed to serve? Because I spy a couple hundred decayed sacks of flesh sitting in Congress who bear his resemblance, slouching toward Santorumland.


Jeff Deck said...

Scary and insightful link... thanks for it, DCeiver. It seems like only a matter of time before Congress calls a special session to prevent some woman from walking into an abortion clinic one day. They'll make up a name for the fetus, let's say "Bernard," and then call their bill "Bernard's Law." The ultrasound picture of young Bernard the Fetus will be shown on CNN every day, and Tom DeLay will shed crocodile tears...

The Deceiver said...

It's very clear that the current group of lawmakers who call themselves Republicans have warped the conservative ideal of small government--itself a valuable precept that deserves to be heard in the debate, into a new vision of "government" that basically writes citizens out entirely. In essence, the engine of social mobility that our taxes provide for us rewarding hard work and assisting our lives by mitigating challenges that would be otherwise crippling to face alone will be scrapped. As citizens, we shall not be able to avail ourselves of the system of government. Instead, politicians will avail themselves of it as a means of funneling my money to their friends and maintaining their power even as they ignore the popular will.

Under this new identity, our leaders will make good use of the Terri Schiavo precedent, launching intrusive Federal adventures into our private lives to generate proceeds for the maintenance of their office, all the while framing it as a government that cares very specifically for the lives of each individual citizen. In essence, all the vile exploitation of the Jerry Springer show sold with a saccharine "final thought."

Forget liberal outrage for a minute. A true conservative should be incensed by the abrogation of the traditional governmental boundary, and a conservative who knows this truth and stays silent--well, we've just identified the most shameful brand of horse's ass in our body politic today.

Down with the supply-side moralists and the lapsed Leninist lunacy of neocon utopianists!