Tuesday, March 01, 2005

February 2005: A Month of DCeption in Retrospect

February likes to keep it brief, but the past month was one of media nonsense, one lame launch after another. In the blogosphere, we were joined by the ennui-packed superfluousness of Fishbowl and the thuddingly dull Going Out Gurus. The Washington Examiner came to town, and the best thing you can say about it is that it's better that the Express. But then again, I can pick more interesting reads than the Express out of my stool. At least the Examiner got a few cachet moments when it looked like they were bringing a crazy double dose of old fashioned white supremacy, but, thanks to Why I Hate DC, we note with depression that the race-haters at Examiner don't even come close to the king dog loony bin Carnivale that is the Washington Times.

Amid all these losers and pretenders and lames, it's kind of sad that a real RenASSance man like Jeff Gannon couldn't make it stick. As far as crazy train potential, Gannon really could have been big. Bigger than Coulter. He could have bottomized Hannity. Imagine Gannon and Choire Sicha in the CROSSFIRE studio five nights a week. Now that's a show that would never hurt America! Gannon may or may not have started a blog now, but sadly, the moment has passed. I was surprised to see him puss out when his star was ascending--the MSM was even spelling BOTH his names right! What was the problem? It's always a sorrowful sight when someone you thought was rock hard caves in when the kliegs come on.

But enough about February's media overkill. We are gathered here today to celebrate this thing called readers, and you readers helped make February the best non-Wonkette enhanced month The DCeiver has ever had. And you only had 28 days to do it! That was awfully nice of you! Many, many thanks. As always, we hope that as you pass through the DCeiver you take the time to check out the people on the blogroll--chances are there are places that hardly need an introduction from me. But it's all about Bringing Love Online, Guys, like Ultra has said.

Enjoy March--and please, from all of us in greater DC Metroland...NO MORE DAILY NEWSPAPERS!

  • In addition to lame media launches, February was the month that everyone with tangible good sense in the Virginia State Legislature left for vacation, leaving the crazies in charge. They got started right away, with the groundbreaking realization that a ten inch by six inch piece of sheet metal made by prisoners that you screw to you car could be just the thing to strengthen marriage.
  • My mind seemed to wander during the State of the Union.
  • When I came to, I was still pissed off at Virginia.
  • The Exit Clov CD release party. Eric from Big Yawn sells me a disc, declines, apparently to beat the shit out of me. People from the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow are there for some reason. The Clov's ambitions of rock are nearly soundly defeated by the subcompetent bag of skin manning the board, who seems to think that the best option is to hang a deafening cloud of booming bass above everyone's heads. All told, Paul Kamran had the best rock show I saw that evening.
  • Rorschach's THE SCARLET LETTER is unleashes its fury, and later finds critics jizzing in their pants in delight. And hated by Bob Anthony, as well, which is always a bellwether for success.
  • Sadly, all the good news about SCARLET LETTER faded when I got pissed at Virginia again.
  • For a change of pace, I got mad at Maryland, but really only because they couldn't finish burning College Park to the ground.
  • Going Out Gurus debut their awful blog after pooh-poohing DC's long established family of blogs. I discover to my surprise that in a contest to decide who is the more pathetically whiny, maddeningly desperate, and weirdly defensive, GogBlog defenders beat University of Maryland defenders by a country mile. By a country light-year actually. Clearly, I have misjudged the Terrapins, and must offer them some due respect. Respect, Terps! (But seriously, you guys own Duke, now--stop burning your campus!)
  • Parasols, bitches!
  • And while not aimed at Virginia, per se, why not close things out with one last culture war freakout, generously approved by DCSOB.

Thanks to everyone for a great month. See you tomorrow.

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