Thursday, March 24, 2005

I know what Karl Rove wants right now more than anything.

Karl is promising his immortal soul to Booga Booga Foo Foo, the retarded outer-space chimpanzee that radical rightwing religiofascists worship in the place of the Christian God. He has only one deep dark wish he hopes Booga Foo will grant, and you can hear him, right now, praying: "Great Booga Booga Foo Foo, please let Terri Schiavo die on Good Friday!"

For Karl, that would be like winning a thousand lotteries while experiencing a million orgasms.

Though, in a pinch, Easter would do quite nicely as well.


truth addict said...

Very interesting blog. 9:30 is a bad ass club

The Deceiver said...

Thanks. Always remember they worship Booga Booga Foo Foo.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I said the same thing about Terry Schiavo and Good Friday via IM to my best friend earlier today. I thought it was way too crass to exclaim outloud and in public. DCeiver, you crasslicious rockstar, are my hero today.
--Anonymous, 'cause I'm still feeling a little gross about it all.

The Deceiver said...

Rest assured--concerns for crassness shall never dam up of the flow of truth! And that's coming from a blogger than calls himself the DCeiver! Fo shizz! Their Da Vinci code rings will not work on me!