Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Ian Mackaye may not be such a humorless bastard after all.

If you are at all like me, then you've already purchased your own copy of The Evens self-titled record. You may have even had the opportunity to peruse the track listing and noted that one of the songs is called "Mount Pleasant Isn't". And then you've thought to yourself: "Oh my. A pun! And a cheap one at that! I wasn't really ready for that." And then, out of pure delight and surprise, you may have had a chuckle.

What's with a trace of humor making it through to the final copy of an Ian Mackaye product? Where's my steady diet of seriousness!? Maybe this is Amy Farina's influence. Maybe she's related to wisecracking Dennis Farina. The DCeiver, like you, has no idea. But we have obtained exclusive notes from deep within the Dischord Empire that indicates that Ian and Amy always intended to issue a humorous sounding diss to at least one Washington, DC neighborhood. Mount Pleasant was the lucky winner, but if you go see The Evens in concert, you may be fortunate enough to hear some of the alternate takes of this song. The DCeiver is happy to provide you with those songs titles.

  • Columbia Heights of Depravity
  • Logan Circle an Ad in the Real Estate Section for Some Really Overpriced Townhomes
  • Spring Valley of the Dolls
  • Shaw Does Look Like the White Man Be Comin' to Build a Goddamned Jamba Juice on My Block
  • Dupont: Total Sausage Hang
  • Fort Reno 911
  • Adams Morgonna Make Me Puke From All The Rat Shit
  • More Like TenleyFROWNS! (What the Fuck Do All You Rich AU Students Have to be So Sad About?)
  • Golden Triangle: It Figures That The Lords of Commerce Would Name Their Business District After Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, Which Their Friends In the Government Bombed Into Dust Just A Few Decades Ago, But Their Profits Can't Bring the Thousands of Dead Back To Life, Can They? No, They Can't! So Nanny-Nanny-Boo on Your Whole Messiah Building Enterprise, Assholes!
  • Suck It, Rosslyn

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