Thursday, March 24, 2005

If only because it will look good on the coffee table next to the President's issues of MANDATE.

From the Reliable Source: "Needless to say, the White House does not receive a subscription to Maxim."

Oh, really?

Well, that can be remedied, can't it? What say you, DC Blogosphere? Shall we take up a collection and get the President and FLOTUS their very own subscription to everyone's favorite photoshopping mag lads?

After all, that what we bloggers do, according to Andrew Sullivan, we drive eyeballs to media that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Let's see if we can't scrape up enough for a second-term special. We'll collect it at the next Bluestate, and just so everyone can be assured that I won't just run off to the bar with your money (which I totally would), we'll leave it with someone trustworthy, like Yglesias.

Anyone down?

[Note: If it turns out, of course, that Maxim already services a subscriber at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., well...that would be awkward. So scrumptiously awkward.]

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