Friday, March 04, 2005

iPod Night Fallout

Monica Corton wrote a nasty letter in the Washington Post, that seemed to be directed at P. Vo. and perhaps even people who play music for other people in clubs--which is totally the reason the music industry isn't making money--yeah, it's got nothing to do with the layoffs and the lack of creativity and the fact that now that Pandora's P2P Box is open that these suits just want to never have to change their business model to fit the future.

Well, P. set Corton straight about a few things, such as the fact that Cafe St. Ex has licenses from BMI and ASCAP and that while his mashups were obtained through a P2P network, he had purchased the originals, so no copyright violation.

Well, Corton, having been thus duly corrected, offered a sort of apology in response. Blame the editor, mainly. I still think some conclusions were happily jumped to, but heckieyaw, we's sorta in the conclusions triple-jump competition ourselves, aren't we.

At any rate, far be it for me to gently suggest that maybe the music industry needs a new business model, but, you know, we probably wouldn't have bald eagles anymore if they hadn't smartly rebranded themselves as America's Bird. Just sayin.

I do want to mention Corton's upcoming Copywright Awareness Week. Hopefully, it will not be the same week as The DCeiver's Your Ass From a Hole in the Ground Awareness Week.

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