Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Mercury Crisis continues

It was awful nice of DCSOB to disburse some props my way. But I realize that I may have inadvertently done some very real damage to the DC blogging community with my post. By mentioning Full Minute of Mercury, rectal thermometers, and Victorian-era hatters, I may have greedily used up all of the remaining metaphoric "hooks" that bloggers need to really tie a post together. And before you ask: yes. Someone has used Freddie Mercury.

This was shortsighted of me. Especially if it turns out that these mercury spills are going to be with us throughout the spring.

Does anyone have any great mercury metaphors or cultural references with which to replenish the blogosphere? If so, please let us know.


tom said...

Hmm. Yeah, we might be in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and if you want to get artsy, use the Greek name for the God . . . Hermes. How about the car? The record company? Although personally, I enjoy your references to my band. Keeps the name alive whilst we're getting our shite together. :)