Friday, March 04, 2005

Never as Tired as When I'm Making Synergy

New stuff out there in the DME for you to see:

  • Our Academy Awards recap--sorry it couldn't be up sooner. Something about a job I have to go. Anyway, I should tell you, that while reading over it, the Wife of DCeiver got to this one part where stopped, looked over at me, and just said: "Oh. That is SO wrong." Can you guess which part?
  • Also we republished/-purposed an article from The DCeiver that many of you really liked. We had to cut the BORF refs so it would play in the sticks. If you read it, don't waste your time linking to it. If you haven't just scroll down.
  • And reviews galore.

And what's that? New site design coming...soon...

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